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Novo Retain

Know why people are leaving so you can decrease unwanted attrition.

Novo Retain

Why You Need an Exit Survey

Read more about why an exit survey improves how you learn from departing employees

Why you need an exit survey

Why Novo Retain

Questions With Purpose

You can leverage this opportunity to understand how you compare to where the employee is going, and what aspects of the work experience matter more than others in making their decision. It's important to understand how the departing employee felt about their experience with your company as well as how they perceive that changing in their new role. 

Retain Dashboard Example

Clear and Detailed Metrics

Novo Retain helps you gain insights from what your departing employees are telling you both about how they felt in their role with you, as well as how you compare to the role they are taking. Both lenses are critical to identify how you can lose less of the talent you need.

Benchmarks From Companies Like You

Don't use generic benchmarks from companies competing in very different talent markets. We develop benchmarks at the item level, with a more robust view of the underlying organization characteristics that matter to the employee experience and workforce retention. Powered by Novo Compare, we help you know where you stand and where you can improve.