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Sometimes It's Not About Another Headcount

A majority of compensation teams are small - just one or two dedicated heads is common for even midsize organizations 

Building an internal team is challenging, in part because additional headcount can be tough to obtain. Even when resources are available, it can be difficult to prioritize which skills and experiences are needed for the next phase of team growth.

Think of this less about headcount and more about skills.

What if you could acquire just the skills you need for the time you need it?


Number of Compensation Professionals
Organizations < 3,000 Employees
Comp FTEs Under 3k EE
Source: Novo Insights Resourcing the Compensation Function benchmark study. N=259

Overcome gaps in resources as you scale, and access the expertise you need when you need it

As both proven Compensation practitioners and outside advisors, we know how to do the work and can invest to scale our methods across clients. This creates an efficient delivery of the Compensation services you need in a headcount-light model.


Why Fractional Expertise?

Collaborating on a fractional basis offers key benefits both as your organization scales or as you need to power cost reduction

Right-Sized Leadership

Most leaders spend time doing work that can be done at a lower cost. Use a fractional leader and allocate remaining work to lower-cost resources

Broader Experience

Our people see what's happening at other organizations, and apply those lessons learned to help you operate better

Flexible Capacity

Scale up for peak periods, scale down when not needed

Non-Traditional Talent

Access part-time workers, including those returning to the workforce or pursuing other life passions

Low-Cost Resources

Tap into our lower-cost network for work that is suitable for newer-in-career or asynchronus workers

Make a Bigger Impact

When additional expertise is needed, Novo Insights can help you make a bigger impact in your organization.

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