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The Secret Sauce: Compensation Strategies to Fuel Retention in High Turnover Service Industries

September 22, 2023
High turnover has long plagued service industries. Frontline restaurant workers can often see annual turnover of near...

Don't Be Left Behind: Embrace AI and Expand Your Impact

September 21, 2023
You're not going to outrun the robots by being a better analyst. The math is too good and too easy these days for...

Why Don't People Use My Dashboard?

May 26, 2023
You've created a wonderful tool filled with insightful metrics and clear visualizations. You and your team invested...

Is Your Compensation Team Understaffed?

May 8, 2023
The Compensation function has never been under more pressure. Increasing pay transparency in particular has put the...

Make This Deal Work: Integration Strategies That Maximize Deal Value

May 1, 2023
Organizations deploy trillions in capital to acquire new businesses, but the majority of those deals fail to realize...