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Maximize HR Value

Focus on what matters, increase productivity, and decrease functional cost

People Teams Often Invest in the Wrong Things

People organizations typically invest too much in activities not directly driving the business agenda. It is critical for teams to better align HR functional priorities with what their organizations need to meet broader business objectives.

Most people teams need to address the following priorities:

Leading The Business

Compete for Talent

The post pandemic talent market has created new challenges, as workers are choosing you - or not choosing you - for new reasons

Enable Modern Productivity

Unlock sustainable productivity and increase employee engagement by driving a leading worker experience

Support Strategic Change

Fuel strategy execution through effective job and organization design as the organization evolves

Leading Your Team

Operate Efficiently

Utilize technology and efficient processes to minimize HR costs and avoid the disruption of transformation

Continuously Improve

Remove friction from your people processes through innovation and incremental improvement

Be Data-Driven

Empower your team and their internal custoemrs to use data to make smart people decisions

How We Help

Solutions to Drive HR Functional Value

We enable a proven process to quantify where you can add more value based on both internal customer feedback and external benchmarks. Our advisory services can then help you maximize your internal team efforts through the better use of technology and data.

Novo Value

Listen to your customers and People team to understand what works, what doesn't, and what needs to be prioritized.

Scale Roadmap

Identify how to scale your People team through predictable growth challenges.

HR Service Delivery

Assess your surrevnt service model and identify alternatives to increase value and/or decrease operating cost.

Partner Excellence

Learn how to improve trust with your internal business customers to make a bigger impact

Fractional Expertise

Tap into proven expertise on a flexible basis - when a full headcount isn't possible or specific skills are needed.

HR Team Globalization

Build a global service model that removes the friction of typical "offshoring" models.

Make a Bigger Impact

Partner with Novo Insights to improve the efficiency of your HR operations.

Contact Us

Send us a note or schedule time to explore how we can help increase your value or reduce functional cost.

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