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Execute your transaction with less risk and a greater focus on realizing the deal's promise

Deal Success Relies on People

Most transactions fail to realize the value they are expected to create. The biggest reason is because people risks and integration strategies lose focus on what creates real value. 

Among the problems we see:

  • Successful integration requires a clear view of how this deal creates value. Too many organizations rely on a single "playbook" that may not recognize the uniqueness of the next deal.
  • Due diligence efforts commonly focus on legal risks, which are often are minor compared to the people integration risks that detract from synergy.
  • Internal teams are often inexperienced in integration or separation, which results in an over-reliance on external parties that profit from making matters more complex

How We Help

HR M&A Solutions

We've been in your shoes, as the People leader accountable for the success of the transaction. We can partner with you and provide high-value advisor services in the following areas:

Acquisition Due Dilligence

Assess the people practices of your target company to inform risks to deal value and integration needs. Novo Insights supports the work of your retained M&A advisors with a specialist People capability

Integration Planning

Create an integration strategy that ties to how the deal crates value. Set up your People Ops team to succeed as they rationalize People programs.

Carve Out Strategy

Novo Insights led several global divisional carve-outs, and understands the unique challenges with People separations in these scenarios

Post Deal Rationalization

Identify HR synergies or opportunities for resource redeployment. Identify and manage stranded costs after business divestitures.

Maximize Value and Minimize Risk

You don't have the luxury to learn M&A in the moment

Work with Novo Insights and capture the value of our cumulative expertise managing HR M&A programs for global companies. 

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