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What We Believe

What We Value is How We Work

Combining experience as consultants and HR operators, we've learned to value and prioritize the following:

Impact Matters Most

Focus on the outcome and how change can become reality, and everything else falls into place

Data Always Wins

What we can measure is better than what we hear. Best practices are only best once tested and confirmed

New Ideas Welcome

Great things rarely happen doing the same old thing. Try new things, learn from them, and try more new things.

Differences Add Value

Variance makes models more robust. Different perspectives help people and organizations grow.

See The Connection

Piece together disparate data, learn from adjacent spaces, and apply ideas in unconventional ways

Listen Carefully

What you hear is usually more important than what you say

Care About the People

We're all humans. We all need each other. We all make mistakes. We all need to remember that.


Life is too short to be unhappy. Have fun and enjoy what's in front of you, both at and outside of work.

Make It Easy

Remove complexity.

Life is hard enough.