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Compensation Technology

The CompTech Market is Misunderstood

Let's stop comparing Payscale to Workday to ADP to Lattice.

The CompTech market has multiple domains, each of which creates value in different ways and requires a distinct lens to understand and evaluate.

We understand this - and we're helping our clients understand it too.

Understanding CompTech Domain
Our View

The Five Critical Compensation Processes

Compensation technology falls into the following aspects of the compensation functional workflow. Vendors may provide solutions in more than one, but their products and features are best compared against others with these domains as the primary lens.


Data sources and related tools to understand prevailing compensation levels


Tools for understanding market compensation rates and modeling/managing alignment to market


Systems and tools for facilitating cyclical pay decisions and cycle administration


Reporting and diagnosing on pay outcomes relative to various internal and external objectives


Tools for communicating the value of rewards to employees and candidates

CompTech Landscape 24Q1 FINAL
CompTech Assessment and Selection

No matter where you are on your CompTech journey, Novo Insights can help you make a bigger impact in your organization.

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