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Compensation Strategy

It's Time to Pay Differently

New market realities require a different approach to compensation.

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What We See

The Talent Market Is Demanding A New Approach to Pay

We've been paying the same way for decades, based on "best practices" that no one can prove actually work. It is time for compensation structures to evolve and reflect a changing talent market.

Legacy Practices

What We've Been Doing

  • Reliance on salary ranges - by office - centered around market medians
  • Focus on pay as the primary lever for talent attracttion and retention
  • Using consultant-driven pay surveys as the only trusted source of data
  • Design incentives assuming "coin operated" employees

New Realities

What Challenges These Practices

  • Office locations become less prominent as workplaces virtualize
  • Pay exists in a greater context of meaning, balance, and impact
  • Proliferation of publicly available data shaping talent expectations
  • Human behaviors often invalidate incentive "best practices"

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