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Compensation Analytics

Use the data you have to power better people decisions

It's Not Just About "Big Data" and AI

Insights can come from the data you have, and those insights can be used to efficiently monitor and improve your people experience. Among the problems we see in many People teams:


  • There is a sprawl of people data across applications engaged in managing the employee experience, degrading data cohesion and making it difficult to weave together data insights
  • Every HR and CompTech vendor will talk about their advanced analytics capabilities and use of machine learning, creating a focus on black-box models and degrading the value of using readily-available data to inform good decisions
  • Midsize organizations, in particular, often feel pressure to engage in predictive analytics and big data approaches when their people data doesn't have sufficient scale to support it
  • Many Comp teams struggle to stay focused on key measures rather than comments and anecdotes, which can introduce bias into your People strategy
  • Not all People teams have the data fluency and analytical skills to support business decisions with people data. While these skills are improving, it is a journey that can be difficult (and expensive) to start.

Hard Truth

Technology Alone WIll Not Solve Your Problem

A new system won’t create magical impact. Like most transformation initiatives, creating impact through analytics requires excellence between people processes, and technology.

People Process Tech

Tap Into Our Proven Expertise

Leverage our data-driven thinking, technical capability, and years of Compensation experience to supplement your People team as a Center of Excellence for your business. We tailor recurring deliverables and on-demand "office hours" to provide you expert insight into your people data.

Ongoing Insight and Delivery

  • Insights Curation and Review: We identify how your key people issues link to your people data, and provide ongoing insights into trends within that data.
  • Ad-Hoc Office Hours: Two brains make for better solutions. You've got a question or idea about your data... and we'll help you refine it to make a bigger impact.

Analytics Advisory

  • Function Build-Out: We help you build your in-house analytics team, from prioritizing capabilities to technology selection to supporting your hiring processes.
  • Model Development: Our resources can supplement your thinking and provide you additional data to inform your in-flight analytics efforts.
Make a Bigger Impact

No matter where you are on your Analytics journey, Novo Insights can help you make a bigger impact in your organization.

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