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People Analytics

Identify your objectives, select the right infrastructure, and build the right team to generate business impact

Technology Alone Will Not Solve Your Problem

A new system won’t create magical impact. Like most transformation initiatives, creating impact through analytics requires excellence between people, processes, and technology.


Your People Analytics Strategy must drive maturity across all three elements

People Process Tech
Make a Bigger Impact

No matter where you are on your Analytics journey, Novo Insights can help you make a bigger impact in your organization.

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Create and Accelerate Your Analytics Strategy in Three Phases

Strategy Alignment

We begin with a workshop to assess the current state of HR metrics and analytics and identify the key HR levers of value within the business. We then align on the priority next steps around what capabilities need to be created

Capability Build

Based on Phase 1 findings and alignment, we work with you to architect your analytics roadmap. This includes a decision about building internally or buying a third-party capability. Novo Insights partners with the client through the implementation journey as determined by the client.

Operate and Optimize

We activate the deployed solution to prove the value of analytic-driven problem solving. We create and utilize ongoing feedback and tracking mechanisms to accelerate the path to impact. Novo Insights can work as your fully outsourced services partner, or simply as an expert set of eyes on your data periodically.

Advisory Model

Underatand Your Technology Choices

There is a lot of technology available to power your Analytics journey. Use this guide to help understand what's out there.

Technology Choice

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