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Talet Magnetism

Know Why Talent Chooses You...

Or Someone Else

We diganose and quantify how you are winning - or losing - in the talent marketplace.

Why you need an exit survey
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Why You Need an Exit Survey

Learn more from departing employees. Quantify how talent feels about your organization - and how their next role compares.

Our Solutions

Technology + Expertise

We use proven tools to understand how talent experiences your organization, from candidacy to onboarding and throughout the employment experience

Novo Attract

Understand why your offers are accepted - or declined.

Novo Attract is a candidate listening solution that gathers greater insight from talent in the recruitment-to-onboard process. Get beyond recruiter anecdotes by quantifying why external talent chooses to work for you.

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Novo Retain

Learn from your departing employees

Novo Retain is an exit survey that supplements your offboarding process to gathers additional intelligence about the worker experience and why they chose to leave.

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Engagement Consulting

Put our expert eyes on your engagement data

We explore your existing engagement data to spot trends and help craft a course of action. We can deploy custom pulse surveys as needed to supplement existing data.

Advisory Model

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